What benefits does it offer? Short and medium-term benefits:

  • It provides us with a picture of how your company is in terms of organizational culture, what values are lived in the organization.
  • It offers information on the values that all employees want to have in the company, to see the GAP we are facing, to then make strategic decisions.
  • It helps us analyse in detail the leadership capabilities of individuals and their fit at a global level, so that we can guide the development of these people and their teams.

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Wondering about team coaching? Do you need to rapidly have an aligned/engaged team?

Do you need fast / sustained results? please visit our SKILL-EQ Methodology service page and learn how in only 12 hours (for a team of 6 to 7 people) we help you have an aligned, engaged, proactive and loyal team, able to take on any tasks together.


Executive Coaching

Individual coaching and mentoring, for development and adaptation to the rapid technological, generational and social changes that leaders face. For team coaching, please visit SKILL-EQ Methodology below. You don´t have to do it on your own.

Leadership & EI

Leading is a challenge. Our mission is to get those in charge of your organization to inspire their teams to work effectively with a responsible and healthy leadership style. The goal is to be more competitive, able to convey the Mission, Vision, and strategy, strengthening the potential, creativity, and sense of belonging of the human team.

SKILL-EQ Team Coaching

Our Founder developed in 2017 a proven Methodology called SKILL-EQ which is based on the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence. With this methodology used in only 3 sessions in person, we help teams be aligned, improving their communication and internal relations.

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