In our talks and webinars, discover how to lead with emotional intelligence – understanding and influencing others positively to spur action. We’ll introduce you to our methodology centered around emotional intelligence.

The key to boosting proactivity, critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative skills, lies in implementing change and transformation. By explaining and communicating these effectively, companies can foster loyalty and a team commitment to the Vision.

What 5 benefits do we provide? Our conferences, workshops and talks are designed to:

  1. Emphasize the necessity of business transformation, with a people-first approach as the cornerstone of all change.
  2. Make change meaningful and energizing for everyone, emphasizing the need for well-prepared, organized, communicated, and timely implementation.
  3. Increase awareness of the significance of internal relationships and the impact of decisions, reactions, and interactions within the company.
  4. Encourage openness to new ideas like developing individual leadership and self-managed teams for long-term success, allowing senior management to concentrate on strategic planning and creating profitable, reputation-enhancing synergies.
  5. Ensure adherence to compliance programs and actions within the scope of environmental, social, and governance (ESG), particularly focusing on the people aspect, which is crucial for legal reasons, brand reputation, and talent retention.

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Curious about team coaching? Seeking quick and lasting team alignment and engagement?

Explore our SKILL-EQ Methodology service page.  In just 12 hours, we can transform a team of 6 to 7 people into a unit that’s aligned, engaged, proactive, and loyal, ready to collaboratively tackle any challenge.


SKILL-EQ Methodology

Susana Jiménez developed the SKILL-EQ team coaching methodology in 2017. In 3 face-to-face sessions, the team achieves alignment, a great improvement in communication and internal relations, and the results are sustainable over time.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching and mentoring, for own development and adaptation to the rapid technological, generational and social changes that leaders face. For team coaching, please visit SKILL-EQ Methodology below.

Leadership & EI

Leadership is challenging. Our aim is to guide leaders in motivating their teams through a responsible and nurturing approach. This strategy boosts creativity, loyalty, proactiveness, and competitiveness.

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