The main issue in companies undergoing growth, a digital or cultural transformation is that they start without having an internally aligned and cohesive team. Directors often place the focus mainly on technology or financial results. 

Indeed the establishment of new technology will help them analyse, and take better and faster decisions while obtaining significant business outcomes.

But, did you know that according to Phd and psychologist Daniel Goleman, success—personal, team wise and organizational—is 80% based on emotional intelligence, or EQ, and only 20% IQ or hard/technical skills?

Chiefs and Directors need to accept and understand that its people are those who drive the change and those affected by it. 

Yet, if everyone is not on the same page, and aligned, it is very difficult to achieve the goals set by the management. 

Our SKILL-EQ methodology used in face-to-face coaching sessions, prevents, addresses, and solves the issues that leaders face when trying to engage their people to embrace change and digital transformation plans.

After years of research, we see that these issues are often rooted in the lack of trust that internal coaches and directors convey.

They are also due to poor internal communication and relational skills within a team. 

During the sessions in person, they learn, understand, and develop their own Emotional Intelligence and individual leadership as a stepping stone to improving the team´s internal communication, trust, and relationships.

Team coching with SKILL-EQ Methodology
Susana during coaching with the Executive Committe of International Campus Group using the SKILL-EQ Methodology, June 2022, Madrid.

What is SKILL-EQ?

It is a methodology based on the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence by Phd Daniel Goleman and includes the years of research and team management by Susana Jiménez, our Founder, Executive Coach and leadership Consultant/Facilitator.

It was created back in 2017, when she founded Aprofitalents. After many years of managing teams and companies herself, she finally saw what really works, and decided to turn it into a team coaching methodology.

Since then, she has helped countless teams improve their results, their internal relationships and communication.

Here below the 5 components of emotional intelligence:

emotional intelligence methodology

How to start:

It is important to mentalize the team before starting with the methodology.

Their involvement is key for the success of the process, which will require flexibility, patience, humbleness, trust,  as well as a change in the mindset of the managers or team members.

How to start with SKILL-EQ Methodology

Here below see who can benefit from undergoing team coaching with SKILL-EQ Methodology.

  • Any team that is not achieving their maximum potential, regardless of whether they already have a healthy and good internal relationship.

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Here below a screenshot of some of our clients´ opinions. Source: Service Page on LinkedIn

Cients opinion of skilleq methodology

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