Companies and societies constantly change, but people often struggle to embrace these shifts.

That simple and at the same time complex affirmation, is one of the main challenges that organizations face, when trying to implement transformational technology.

This fact, both straightforward and complex, presents a major challenge for organizations adopting transformative technology and AI. This technology streamlines processes, analyses vast data for strategic planning, and ultimately boosts competitiveness.

However, leaders and managers sometimes resist change, whether knowingly or not. This resistance can stem from insecurity, fear of losing control, or concerns about increased job complexity, preventing them from effectively driving this change.

Emotional Intelligence development is the starting point

With over 20 years of team management experience and as advisors, coaches, and consultants since 2017, we’ve found that developing directors’ Emotional Intelligence (EI) is key to achieving top team performance and engagement.

Our leadership development methodology is based on the knowledge and use of EI.
Through the use of our proven coaching and mentoring methodology with the Directors, these will have a change of view, behaviour, and way of leading their people, that´ll help them transform a team by managing relationships at work with values and Emotional Intelligence. Key to retaining Gen Z employees.

By applying our proven coaching and mentoring methods to directors, they experience a shift in perspective, behavior, and leadership style. This transformation enables them to effectively manage workplace relationships with values and Emotional Intelligence, leading to a more cohesive and effective team

Transformational Leadership with our methodology is the next stage

In every instance, the outcome is a swift enhancement of internal relationships, coupled with a significant boost in effective communication and engagement.

Directors realize they possess a powerful tool and learn methods to:

  • Manage and mitigate conflict
  • Enhance efficiency and coordination
  • Increase competitiveness, foster innovation, and build loyalty

Leading in uncertainty has become the norm

At Aprofitalents, we empower Directors to thrive and navigate through uncertainty. We do this by harnessing their Emotional Intelligence (EI) and leadership skills to drive transformation, motivate teams, and foster a culture of change acceptance. Our approach involves introducing a co-responsible work environment, utilizing a range of tools and methodologies grounded in values and EI.

women leading
Susana Jiménez with the Director and staff member of the Quironsalud Digest  medical center.


We live in an era of unceasing change, with digital transformation and AI rapidly accelerating. This dynamic landscape leads team leaders and organizational heads to ponder how they can enhance their competitiveness.

  • How can I cultivate transformational leadership to align with CSR/ESG objectives and achieve improved outcomes?
  • In a rapidly evolving landscape, what strategies can I adopt to enhance my approach without being overwhelmed by constant change?

At Aprofitalents, we guide you in updating or enhancing your leadership style. Our focus is on equipping you with effective strategies to lead and manage with greater influence and inclusivity.

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Curious about team coaching? Seeking quick and lasting team alignment and engagement?

Explore our SKILL-EQ Methodology service page.  In just 12 hours, we can transform a team of 6 to 7 people into a unit that’s aligned, engaged, proactive, and loyal, ready to collaboratively tackle any challenge.


Individual Coaching

Individual coaching and mentoring, for own development and adaptation to the rapid technological, generational and social changes that leaders face. For team coaching, please visit SKILL-EQ Methodology below.

SKILL-EQ Methodology

Susana Jiménez developed the SKILL-EQ team coaching methodology in 2017. In 3 face-to-face sessions, the team achieves alignment, a great improvement in communication and internal relations, and the results are sustainable over time.

Corporate Training

We develop the soft skills of your people: leadership, negotiation, emotional Intelligence, communication, sales, and many more. We aim at helping your people improve to become more innovative and loyal. Online or face to face.

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